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The Douglass Godshalk Home: Residential Landscape Maintenance

This magnificent Wessex home of the Douglass-Godshalk family always turns heads. The formality of the architectural style demands a highly manicured landscape. And the owners demanded a company that can maintain their horticultural collection in top form.

The Original Plans


The Plan:

A sketch of the Douglass-Godshalk residence shows the extensive areas of vegetation under cultivation. The property sports three types of lawns (fescue, St. Augustine, and zoysia), a rose garden and formal hedges and topiaries and natural woodlands.

The Douglas-Godshalk residence during maintenance care


Copies of the plan identifying planting material are used by the homeowners and crew to identify special maintenance needs.

A formal look in the landscape requires constant manicuring and close attention to detail. The Douglass-Godshalk property has its charms and challenges through all seasons.


Spring Color:

Shaking off Winter s Chill The double-shredded hardwood mulch and pinestraw look as fresh as ever, as Spring creeps around the corner. With delicate pansies, bright green lawn, and stout evergreens, the Douglass landscape looks like a million bucks.

Spring is in the Air. With some warming weather, the pansies start perking up. Even the crape myrtles are beginning to show color as the leaf buds begin to grow.

Tulips seem to bring an excitement that Spring is here. These flame red Dutch imports add just the right punch to the spring floral display.

We did promise you a rose garden. Roses have garnered a reputation for being difficult to grow. In fact, there are some companies whose business is exclusively rose culture. We have maintained these gardens successfully for three years, with best horticultural practices for fungicide applications and insect control.


Summer is good to the Douglass-Godshalk home. Rich pink vincas add seasonal color as the evergreens stand strong and healthy, ready to dominate this winter.


The midday sun stretches shadows across the Douglass-Godshalk drive and walk. Spiked edges of the fan palm introduce a new texture to the landscape. Regular pruning ensures all the old fronds are taken away.


St. Augustine grass in the back lawn remains lush even in deep shade, and contrast with the encore display of azaleas and sedum in the garden. In the fall, the perennials are cut back and all the woody stalks removed to clear the way for spring growth.


A cheerful mandavilla greets visitors on the way to the Douglass-Godshalk front door. Seasonal additions such as these add punch and variety to the landscape.


The classic design of the screened porch is contrasted by the plants and the woods beyond that take on a more natural form. Ligustrum and hosta soften the foundation wall while dogwood branches project into the foreground. This arrangement delicately incorporates the interior of the residence with the vibrant landscape outside.


The view from across the street is lush, even in late summer. The fuscia of the Carolina Beauty  crape myrtles is picked up by mandavilla and contrasted by the lime of ornamental sweet potatoes.


Shear Delight: Periodic shearing of the abelia and Carissa holly hedges present a well manicured appearance. The Burford hollies are maintained in tree form while the topiary junipers at the entrance receive regular trimming to maintain their corkscrew style.

Autumn Beauty:

With the bright colors of deciduous trees and seasonal plantings, who needs yard art? The art is in the well-manicured landscape surrounding the Douglass residence. With woods on three sides, clearing fallen leaves each week is a big fall task.

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