A garden pond will puncuate that special focal point

A 'natural' pond

A reflecting pool: La Arboretum

Reflect your garden's beauty

Fish animate your garden and entertain you

W aterlilies create an air of enchantment


Increase the sensory enjoyment of your garden with the soothing sound and movement of water. A garden pond will provide that special focal point for your patio that will transport you to a zone of tranquility.

Today s ponds can be categorized into two types: a natural pond or reflecting pool.

Natural Pond

Our ponds are custom designed to look so natural you'd believe they were an original part of the landscape while using technologies that are similar to pool systems to ensure water clarity. Surface water is cleaned via skimmers that trap fallen leaves in a net concealed within a sump basin. From here water passes through a filter before being pumped to the biofalls unit. A special valve ensures that water goes only one way. The pumps are available in almost any size required to move the water up to the biofalls unit where it is filtered again before appearing as a natural spring. The cascade can be designed to suit the space available and the effect desired from a large-drop waterfall to a rushing streambed or a combination of the two. To complete the effect and maintain the balance of your new ecosystem are water plants. Favorites include water lilies, iris, pickerel rush, and papyrus as well as oxygenators. These provide a natural habitat for your gold fish or coy. Add underwater lighting and you can enjoy the dramatic effect on your pond into the evening and provide the ultimate conversation piece for your evening outdoor entertainment. Few landscape features provide the full array of stimuli to your senses that a pond provides.

Reflecting Pool

The reflecting pond is generally situated in an open setting and has formal lines and architectural features such as a fountain-like basin. Water movement is provided by a fountain or stylized waterfall, making this type of pool ideal for integrating with a full swimming pool. Fish are not incorporated because of the chlorine, but some minimalist plantings may be utilized.

Like the natural pond, water is collected in a large basin or pool. A recirculating pump is located in an underground vault of the side of the basin where it is piped back into individual nozzles that jet a stream of water into the air. The pattern and height of the jet depends on the type of nozzle. Special effects can be obtained with lighting and special valves or multiple pumps.

Regardless of the type of pond you choose, you will be rewarded with years of enjoyment.


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