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Add a new dimension to your landscape with outdoor lighting. You can double your enjoyment, provide security and enhance your property value with landscape lighting.

Two types of systems are available: low-voltage and line-voltage.

Low Voltage: Low voltage systems generally operate at 12 volts, or the same as a car battery. One major advantage of these systems is that they are intrinsically much safer. In the event of a short circuit or broken line, there is no danger of electrocution. That makes these systems ideal for underwater or near-water applications, as well as outdoor garden areas. Bulb intensities can range from 8 to 35 watts using regular incandescent, halogen, xenon or fluorescent technology. Fixtures are available in large variety as well, from decorative path lights to in ground well lights, tree-mounted spotlights or wall-mounted sconces. The lighting effects are impressive, from dramatic washes accenting home architectural features to underwater lights illuminating waterfalls to ground-mounted spots casting a reflected glow off the tree canopy.

This type of system requires a 110-volt source for the step-down transformer. With a photo sensor, it can be set to operate automatically at dusk and remain on all night or any portion of the night. Thus, it provides property and personal safety as well.

Low-voltage systems can save money in two ways. First, the installation does not require a licensed electrician.

Second, because the system is low voltage, operating power usage is much less, and a typical system is less costly to operate.

For example, lamps such as xenon have a life of 10,000 hours and will last 3.4 years under constant nighttime use.

Line Voltage: Line voltage systems use the same power as your house system. An advantage to this is that more lights of brighter intensity can be installed on a given circuit. Where bright lighting is a must (such as for security), then line voltage is the system to use. Care must be taken to protect line and fixtures from breakage and potential electrical shock. Fixture choice is not quite as varied as with low-voltage systems, but fixture cost tends to be slightly less. Bulb selection does not include xenon type, and specialty bulbs tend to cost a bit more. These systems require extensive excavation, conduit and involvement by al electrician.

Finally, it is possible to integrate both types of systems with computer-controlled software and special fixtures using x-10 technology. This allows complete control over your lighting system. Call for an appointment for a consultation for this type of systems integration.

There is a popular lighting system combination available from Vista. Click here to download the Vista system information sheet (.pdf file).

The assortment includes:

  • Pogoda Path Light
  • Sweet Spot Light
  • Inground Well Light
  • CT Transformer with Photocell and Timer

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