Cascade Fountain: Jardin Boutanique, Montreal

Jet Fountain: Jardin Boutanique, Montreal

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'Isabella': Raleigh Theater in the Park

4-tier fountain

Patio fountain


Increase the sensory enjoyment provided by your garden with the soothing sound and movement of water. Fountains can provide the ideal solution were space is limited and an architectural feature would enhance the landscape setting. Fountains can be categorized in two types: cascade and jet. Both require a water reservoir and recirculating pump (as well as electrical power source) to operate.


A cascade fountain has a basin at its based for the collection of water. The recirculating pump is located in the pedestal of the fountain unit. Water is routed from the pump up the center of the unit through tubing to the first cascade, were it spills over to each succeeding level, providing the various melodies of moving water depending on the fountain structure.


Like the cascade fountain, water is collected in a large basin or pool. The recirculating pump is located in an underground vault off to the side of the basin where it is piped back into individual nozzles that jet a stream of water into the air. The pattern and height of the jet depends on the type of nozzle. Special effects can be obtained with lighting and special valves or multiple pumps. This type of fountain is generally suitable for larger commercial applications and contemporary styles. They feature not only sound but visual displays to please the eye.

Regardless of the type of fountain you choose, you will be rewarded with years of enjoyment, from the sight and sound of moving water.


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