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If security and privacy are an issue for you, then consider a fence from Leisure Landscapes.

Fencing is available in many different styles, sizes and materials. For example, if you live in a subdivision and are looking for a fence to contain your pet (or small children) and are on a budget, then a picket fence may be the choice for you. They are available in 4 foot and 6' heights (check your homeowner s association guidelines.) Fences are available in treated wood which can be stained or painted to match your home, steel or aluminum crafted to look like ornamental wrought iron (looks great with brick columns) or vinyl for low-maintenance. When choosing the fence that's right for you, consider:

  • Do you want an open fence or one that blocks the view?
  • Are there height or materials restrictions/guidelines?
  • What is the cost of installation and maintenance over the life of the fence?

Here are the relative strengths of different fencing types:

Treated Wood

The most common type of fencing installed today is constructed of treated wood. Wood offers a relatively low installation cost, a variety of styles but requires some maintenance.

Wood fences vary in cost depending on the height, spacing, posts and board pattern. The least costly wood fence is the 4' high picket fence, the most is the 8' high board-on-board privacy fence. Specialty fences such as the garden lattice offer a unique look. All fences can be combined with gates, arbor entries, pergolas and trellises and can be stained, painted or sealed as you prefer. As with any wood product, boards are subject to the effects of moisture and UV light and may warp or splinter. To minimize these effects, sealing or painting is recommended.

Screen Open or Both: Both
Ability to Follow Grade: XX
Varied Styles and Colors: XXX
Maintenance: Annual painting or staining; replace boards
Life Expectancy: 7 years
Cost: $


Increasing in popularity are vinyl fences. They are maintenance-free and come in many of the same styles as wood. You can even get matching arbors. But you are limited to the color white and standard 4' and 6' heights.. Vinyl is unsuitable for structurally supporting attachments to the fence such as hanging baskets. Most styles cannot be raked to follow grade, but must instead be stepped down, requiring special provisions for ground contact where confining small pets is a requirement.

Screen Open or Both: Both
Ability to Follow Grade:
Varied Styles and Colors: X
Maintenance: Annual washing
Life Expectancy: 10 years
Cost: $$


Ornamental Iron fences are increasingly popular where style and view are primary concerns. Often required in golf communities, these fences offer a durable and elegant solution to your fencing needs. Most are built of steel or aluminum components and can be straight-edged or ornamented with filials. When combined with brick columns, the ornamental iron look is unsurpassed for a statement of elegance.

Chain link and utility fencing are also available, but these are generally not approved for use in most subdivisions. However, for larger properties where you wish to fence out deer and other garden intruders, these fences in combination with our other choices provide a cost-effective alternative for large-scale fencing needs.

Screen Open or Both: Open
Ability to Follow Grade: X
Varied Styles and Colors: XX
Maintenance: 10 year touch-up
Life Expectancy: 25 years
Cost: $$$

Block and Brick

The most durable and most costly fencing alternative are walls constructed of brick or concrete block. Brick can be matched to your home and set in any style consistent with your existing pattern or desire. Block walls are generally coated with stucco and can be matched to your homes decor. Columns are capped with concrete capitals that can be custom designed to your needs.

Screen Open or Both: Screen
Ability to Follow Grade:
Varied Styles and Colors: XX
Maintenance: 25 year re-mortar
Life Expectancy: 100 years
Cost: $$$$


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