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Easy-to-Use Rainbird controller

Tired of dragging hoses? Then you need an automatic irrigation system from Leisure Landscapes.

Sprinkler heads and piping are installed underground and connected directly to your water meter. When it is time to water, the nozzles automatically pop up and water the area and retract when they are done.

Automatic irrigation saves money and water at the same time. The system meters the water out exactly. Each head is calibrated to release a certain amount of water (from 1.5 to 2 gal per minute). With our sophisticated RainBird controllers, we can put down exactly the amount of water required in each area of the landscape. And we can do it on any schedule that meets local requirements: odd even days, or specific days of the week. We even have sensors that automatically turn the system off in the event of sufficient rain!

Don't leave your hose running all night. Chose a water-wise irrigation system from Leisure Landscapes and save.


When you call for a consultation with our irrigation designer, he will come to your home and create a landscape plan. The head placement is set for overlapping coverage in the turf areas while also providing adequate coverage for the beds. Each circle represents a RainBird R-50 closed-case rotor-driven head. They are equipped with a RainCurtain nozzle for even distribution through its 25  radius arc. The square symbols represent a RainBird 1806 fountain-type head equipped with a square-pattern nozzle. The controller is the RainBird ESP series and one of the most reliable and easy to use in the industry. In fact it comes with lighting protection and a 3-year warranty (as does our entire system). Finally, we provide a MiniClik rain sensor that will override system operation in case of rain that not only reduces cost, it saves your reputation as not wasting water.

Irrigation Evaluation

We will evaluate your watering needs to determine just the right type of system for you.

In some jurisdictions, you have the choice of determining whether or not you can install a second irrigation  meter. The advantage to the irrigation meter is that water usage on that meter is not assessed a sewage processing charge. To receive this savings, however, you will have to pay extra for the installation of the meter. In some cases it is definitely worth it; in some cases it is not. Leisure Landscapes can assist you in this decision by running an analysis of your expected water usage to determine the payback period for the second meter.

In some jurisdictions, an irrigation meter is required. In these areas, Leisure Landscapes will concentrate on reducing your irrigation system operating cost. First we ll determine your soil type and calculate the in infiltration rate, or the rate at which the ground will absorb water. We will then calculate the optimum system run time to ensure that there is no wastage through water run-off. In some cases, this will require the system cycle twice in a day to ensure that there is sufficient ground water for the plants. The result will be a run schedule that optimizes getting sufficient water to the plants without any waste.

The plan will be presented to you as an email attachment for your initial review. When you receive the plan, consider if there are any landscape changes (new beds, driveway pads, fencing, retaining walls, patios or decks) and inform your designer about these changes you are planning as these will change the head locations. Expect to receive your complete proposal in the mail within a week of your email plan.


Your system will be installed using our invisible installation  technique. The heads are located on the property according to the plan. The sod is cut by hand and each section is laid to the side. The trenches are then excavated by hand and the dirt placed on tarps for complete soil recovery and to protect the lawn. Once all the rigid PVC piping* is installed, the dirt and sod are replaced exactly where they came from and soaked back to grade. Unlike mechanically-trenched methods that leave obvious trenches or seeded-in repairs, the result is your lawn is returned to its original condition.

*NOTE: trenchless  installation methods use a vibratory plow that pulls flexible tubing through the ground, subjecting it to wall rupture from fatigue. Tubing systems have been banned for use in home construction. Our system uses PVC piping rated at 215 psi. or better.

The plumbing contractor connects the backflow preventer and certifies that it is performing within specifications. The inspections division is notified to conduct the plumbing inspection. The remainder of the system is installed by the irrigation technicians, including the electronic valves, the sprinkler heads, the electronic cable, controller and rain sensor switch. As the lines are installed, the dirt and the sod are replaced in the trench and watered in. The spray pattern for the sprinkler heads is adjusted and the controller is programmed. By the end of the third day, the system is installed and the installation cuts are virtually invisible. The owner is instructed on the operation of the system, delivered the backflow instructions, As-built diagram, system warranty and final bill.


Once your system is installed, we provide ongoing support through our IrriGuard plan. With this we take care of all your system maintenance for five years including winterization, system start-up and check-out in the spring, and backflow preventer maintenance and recertification. Consider this scenario &

It's November and you're on a trip. You glance at the weather report and a cold front with freezing temperatures is heading for home. Then you think, "Oh no, the irrigation system is still on..."

That repair bill will run you around $300. But with IrriGuard, you no longer have to worry. At the threat of freezing temperatures, our irrigation technicians will automatically winterize your system: we'll shut-off the water source and drain down the lines. And we guarantee your backflow won't be damaged, or we'll replace it!

We'll start-up your system again in the Spring and make sure the controller, every head and every valve are set and functioning properly. And we'll conduct the mandated backflow preventer maintenance and recertification.

Leisure Landscapes will provide all this for as little as $11.50 per month*. Click on 'Schedule An Appointment", you'll be glad you did!

(*Prices will vary depending on your jurisdiction s mandated recertification schedule.)


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